Turtle Island 23/20


Tunes From Turtle Island_2023.20
15th May – 21st May

Mozart Gabriel – Zombie Ties
Jayli Wolf – Holding On
EarthChild & CJAY GRIZ – Live For The Moment live
Quicksilver Messenger Service – Who Do You Love
Julia Sound & Edzi’u & Kinnie Star – Grow
Kyle McKearney – Somethin‘ Ain’t Right
Rollah Mack – Spring Interlude
Romeo Void – Charred Remains
Indigo V – Attitude
Chu The Producer, Rellik & Gene Principe – In Stanley We Trust
PLEX & Butta – Polarized
Cosmic River – You’re Better Off In Paris
Richard Woodman – Don’t Let Go
Handsome Tiger – First People
Miles Davis & Ledisi – Rubberband Of Life
Mahihkan Music – Dogma of Discovery

Broadcast in Europe, in the UK by ResonanceFM, in Austria by Agora, Fro, Freequenns, & Proton, and in Italy by Onde Furlane. And as a podcast on Fridays from Pantheon Podcasts. More info at https://artist.link/tunesfromturtleisland


Tunes From Turtle Island

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