„We are poor but so many”


Women in informal economy

Women workers are numerically dominant in the informal economy, occupying the low-income, low-skill occupations. Often when activities undertaken by women in the informal economy start to become more profitable, they are gradually taken over by men. Women remain in more subsistence-level activities.

Frauensolidarität (Solidarity among Women) in a two years project aims at supporting the labour right of these women along with different partner organisation through the creation of awarenss by organising lectures, seminars, workshops and public relation work. Under this project on 2nd of November this year a workshop was organised with the secretary general of SEWA, Namrata Bali, in Vienna.

This programme will broadcast selective portion of the lecture delivered by Ms. Bali on the is issue and will throw light on the aim and objective of the project undertaken by Frauensolidarität and will analyse the over situation of women in an informal economy.

The program is prepared and presented by Sarita Jenamani.


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