now its dark march 3

15.03.2023 FREDDIE JOACHIM“A Like“(LP/“This World) THE 5 ROYALES“Tell The True“(2xLP/VA/“Soul For Dancers 2″/Fantastic Voyage) DYNASTY“Groove Control“(Ext. Breixo Edit) ZYX“Trust No Woman“(LP/1981/Ok) LIME“Unexpected Lovers“(Glenn Rivera ReStructure Mix) THE ART OF NOISE“Close – Up“(12″/Nearly Diversion Two/1984/ZTT) MADONNA“Holiday“(Ext. Rhythm Scholar Funk) YAZOO“Nobody´s Diary“(12″/Andy Bell And JC Remix/2008/Mute) ROBBIE RIVERA“Can You Feel Me Now“(Nervous) PET SHOP BOYS“West End Girls“(12″/Dj Hell Remix/2004) CHICAGO“Street Player“(12″/VA“Super Disco Breaks Vol.3″/Paul Raymond) LIGHT ASYLUM“Skull Fuct“(EP/“Intension“/2011/Kemado – Mexican Summer) KOBAN“Instinct Of Ego“(LP/“Abject Obsessions“/2016/Avant!) AND ALSO THE TREES“Prince Rupert“(LP/“Farwell To The Shade“/1989/Normal) SANTA ESMERALDA“Dont Let Me Be Misunderstood“(1977) TAKA BOOM“Night Dancin´(Disco Intro)(12″/Long Version/1979) BOYS TOWN GANG“Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I´m Yours“(12″/An F.M.Remix/1982/Ramshorn Moby Dick) BEAT IN TIME“The Real Time“(12″/Short Mix/1990&Low Spirit) A TASTE OF HONEY“Boogie Oogie Oogie“(Ext. Uggi U Edit) „Aquarius“(2xLP/OST/“Hair“/1979) SHEILA B. DEVOTION“Spacer“(The X – Pacer Mix) VICE“Ritual“(LP/VA/“Techno2 – The Next Generation“/1990) DENNIS COFFEY“If You Can Dance To This You Got No Business“/1990) MAJOR PROBLEMS“Root Canal“(EP/“Oral Surgery“/1991/NuGroove) DAVID BOWIE“China Girl“(Reconstructed Master Mix) T – BONE CASTRO“Radical Padrone“(12″/Legal Version/1991/Dance Ecstasy/2001) BRUCH“Dancing On My Grave“(LP/“The Lottery“/2016/Cut Surface) DEPTH CHARGE“D.S.Bulding Contractors“(2xLP/VA/“The House Sound Of London Vol. IV“/1988/Ffrr) CARLY SIMON“Why“(Glenn Rivera ReStructure Mix)

Now it’s dark

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