Now its dark Aug 1 Set 2

02.08.2021 VA“Time And Space“(Mashup) GLORIA GAYNOR“Casanova Brown/Do It Yourself/How High The Moon“(LP/“Experience“/Tom Moulton Mix/1975) SU KRAMER“Nachts In Manhattan“(7″/1978) SUB SUB“Aint No Love(Aint No Use)“(EP/VA/Rubber Band Remix/DMC) CORRUTION HOUSE“No Doctor No“(1989/Espera New Beat) RHYTHM HERITAGE“Theme From Rocky(Gonna Fly Now)“(LP/“Last Night On Earth“/1977) SWEET BRANDY“Stoned Love“(GR) IV/AN“Apolitically Correct“(LP/“Comforts Of The Future“/2018/Tonn) Q -Feel“DancingIn Heaven(Orbital Be Bop)“(GR) RED POINT ORCHESTRA“High Times“(LP/“Blue Light“/1978) MADONNA(80s Megamix) THE HARLETTES“Now(Sweet Lover Man)“(LP/1977)

Now it’s dark

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