Vlodja’s Stedtl Part 1


The time is just before dawn. Hear the crowing of a rooster… Hear a crowing of a rooster!!!

In the east, over there, behind our mountain, a few streaks of light have just appeared. The morning star always glows so amazingly bright before disappearing, right?

Let me introduce you to our town. There is Main Street, behind it is the station, the railway goes like this. Poles live behind the railway. The Orthodox church is over there, the Baptist church is across the street, the Methodist church is over there, the Catholic church is over there, behind the railroad. This is the town hall building, in the basement there is a prison. Nicholas II himself once delivered a speech from these steps.

The first car will pass through our streets not soon, in five years. It will be bought by the banker Maltsev, the richest of our townspeople… Here is Mr. Shirokov’s grocery and drugstore. Almost every one of us visits the store and Mr. Shirokov at least once a day. Elementary school is over there, middle school is further behind it.

This is the home of our doctor, Dr. Kharitonov. Here are the decorations for those who think they are necessary. This is Mrs. Kharitonova’s garden. Corn…beans…roses…heliotropes…and burdock in abundance.


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