Turtle Island 24/14


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1st April – 7th April

Janet Panic – I Forgot
Adrian Sutherland – My Rebel Spirit
PaulStar – Bring It All Together
Red Rockerz & Melody McArthur – By A Chance
Alliance & Sharel Cassity & Colleen Clark – Something New
Darksiderz & Audiotronica – Awaken
Simon Lynge & Maaliannguaq Petrussen – Eqqanniippunga
Leonard Sumner – From The Ashes
Raye Zaragoza & Beza – Bring That River Home
Francis Baptiste – Work In Progress
Reyna Tropical – Conexion Ancestral
Paskal Suraj & El Suchi – Waterborn
Way of The Wolf & Sage Cornelius – The Umbra: The Allure Of Vehemence
Itz Lil Lee & Keith Secola – Warrior Spirit
Jason Camp & The Posers – Gotta Get Back to Haida Gwaii (Ambitious Paddle)
Frank Waln – The Story Of Songs Against Colonialism
Handsome Tiger – River 2 The Sea
Aysanabee, Allison Russell, Shawnee Kish, Logan Staats, William Prince and Julian Taylor – The Weight
Dakota Bear – Intergenerational
destroykasmin – Teenage Romance
Native Kyng – So Ruff Intro
Classic Roots – Titan
John Shewfelt Jr – Indian Rock n Roll
Elexa Dawson & Stanly Hotel – Answer
Mamarudegyal MTHC – Sleep
Echos of… & & Mazzes – Shine Your Light
No More Moments – The Way It Is
Olivia Komahcheet – TOKO

More info at https://artist.link/tunesfromturtleisland


Tunes From Turtle Island

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