The Community of Kinship


I love this concept of the community of kinship and made it the base of Tipping Point. Once you can define those commonalities (and there are a lot more if we take the time to reflect), then you realize there is a lot more out there that binds us together. Let’s face it, it’s a lot more difficult to hate someone you understand and respect. Now, let’s take it to the next level. Can I treat them as equals? I believe that these actions help establish one’s own empowerment. Do we know why people are apathetic? Certainly, the message framing coming from the authorities and the media mentally bludgeon us into submission. Can this be overcome? My opinion is constantly evolving, based on the ability to seek different perspectives and try not to be judgemental. Everyone has a story we don’t know. Not always, but we are able to forgive a lot once we do hear their story. This does not justify their actions. This does not mean we condone their views. Let’s try Looking at things from someone else’s perspective Treating every living thing with respect Can we make a difference if we could get others to do this? They can’t be apathetic anymore. They will feel empowered. Is this easy? No. It takes a lot of work. Do you feel like giving up sometimes? We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t. Is it satisfying? For me, there is nothing more satisfying to see people take charge of their own affairs. One of the struggles I have had over the years is being confronted with the reality of overshooting the viewpoints or methodologies of those people you have admired for so long. Our first example of such an exercise is with our parents, where it can be a long journey till you get to the point of looking at them as human beings. A number of us never get to this point. We have our influencers (for whatever reason), and based on this dualism conditioning we have gone through, people are heroes or villains, good or evil, meaningful or mundane. What does that path look like when we have overtaken our mentors? Our first stop could be cognitive dissonance. This doesn’t fit our mental model. What do we do now? Then comes the backlash in two parts. Part number one. “How can I be so stupid as not see their imperfections”. Part 2 is the lash “now they pay for my devotion over the years” Do we possibly put ourselves in the same position in either Criticizing ourselves for coming to such sophomoric conclusions or I made up my mind, so there is no chance to change it now Our convictions take on the attributes of the sunk cost fallacy. We have spent so much time professing these opinions that we can’t stop now. The fact is that our beliefs from yesterday stay in yesterday. Human Utility This is the time of the year for reflection, and especially since there is always the race within an apartment complex to get your trash in on time, or be ready for a one-off solution. Whatever it beholds a utility, which means it’s useful. When it’s not useful, then it gets tossed over. A long time ago in a world far away, I had a boss who was the epitome of resilience. Being a recalcitrant by nature, he was on the most wanted list of a number of the higher-ups in the company I was working for. Just like the phoenix, he figured out ways to return with even more gusto. He tolerated me, in spite of my idiosyncracies..or maybe because of them. Then out of the blue, something happened that he didn’t plan. He had a stroke. When something like this happens, you find out very quickly who your friends are and who the vultures are in your midst. Speed is everything in corporate politics, and I watched as this phoenix had his wings clipped. It took a year till it was finalized, but he was then removed from our corporate landscape. I am happy to report that this phoenix showed how resilient he really is and came up not only with a new pair of wings, but a much better place to live. How often do people become sick, and the first question that is posed is what could have been done to have avoided the affliction? What have you done to deserve this fate? This is the way depression was viewed. Homosexuality also was thrown into this category. Still is by enough people, I’m afraid. What about all those people who showed no utility from the beginning, be it the disabled, or the refugees. Lest I forget those on the other side of the spectrum, the elderly? Now let’s play with utility and time. We know that the utility shelf life has become shorter and shorter. We also know that short-term utility can impede medium and long-term viability. Let’s not even talk about those activities that nobody is willing to pay for, but are essential for our overall viability. Let’s bring on 2022, where I wish for you slow money, commons utility, gratitude, and respect.


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