POP 28- What’s happening in Burlington!


Burlington’s a Hot Pot for it’s own style of incredible music.

We talk a bit about Burlington College Radio, and play fresh tunes from the US North East’s Music Hub, College Radio Style.

The eclectic Track List includes music by Michael Nau, Benny Yurco, Liz Cooper, Lily Seabird, Joey Agresta and many more.


Track List:

Motocycle© Liz Cooper (Sleepyhead Records) Grace© Lily Seabird (Lily Seabird) Red Neck Yaught Club© Louisa Stancioff (Yep Roc Records) Love Survive© Michael Nau (Suicide Squeeze) Dive In© Charlie Hill (CL Productions) C d© Lily Seabird (Lily Seabird) Teach the Dumb© Joey Agresta (Feeding Tube Records) Light That Ever© Michael Nau (Suicide Squeeze) Seasons Failed to Bloom© Benny Yurco (Little Jamaica Recordings) On Ice© Michael Nau (Michael Nau) Cedar Island© Laney Tripp (Tripp Records) Rapture© The Burning Sun (The Burning Sun) Let Me to Rock© Joey Agresta (Feeding Tube Records) Scumways© Michael Nau (Suicide Squeeze) Cass\’s Song© Louisa Stancioff (Yep Roc Records)

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