POP 29- Phish


In the early 1980ies, a few college students from the University of Vermont formed a band called Phish.

The band sold show tickets by word of mouth and grew from playing some club gigs along the US East Coast, to drawing hundreds of thousands of their fans to travel through the whole country to see their shows.

In their 40 years of jamming, Phish became one of the most significant live bands of all time. They are one of only a very few bands, that are able to sell out a 4 night show at New York’s Madison Square Garden!

Phish is especially loved by their fans for playing extended and trippy improvisations and often compared to the legendary Grateful Dead.

When in Vemont, it is impossible to not meet a fan, a Phish Head, and we’re excited to play a small selection of their amazing songs.

Come join us on this trip, and let these unique improvisations forget ourselves and the world around us for a bit.



Farmhouse© Phish (Phish Inc) Sample in a Jar© Phish (Elektra Entertainment) Waste© Phish (Elektra Entertainment) Run Like An Antelope – Live© Phish (Phish Inc) Fluffhead – Live© Phish (Phish Inc) You Enjoy Myself – Live© Phish (Elektra Entertainment)

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