How sustainable is your lifestyle?


Radioactivists of the Graz team grabbed recorders, went to the city center, to school, entered into the shop, met friends – different ages – and asked –

How sustainable is the lifestyle of you and your generation? 

While reaching out there among people we gathered snapshots from questions such as

Where do you buy clothes?

How do you see new generations?

Do you drive a car?


Leonie met with a diverse age group of theater artists to open a discussion round about intergenerational communication as well she gathered her perspectives on the Austrian education system into a commentary.

Sophie (23) shared with Leonie her thoughts on the lack of money and time making you less eco friendly. 

A 72 year old woman shared her feelings about the sustainable parts of living alone and growing pressure concerning consuming with Leonie.

Maryna discussed the viewpoints of radiomaker Winfried (47)  producing the show “Über Klima sprechen”.

Maryna and Hannah entered the second hand shop and talked with the employee.

Nicolas stopped ladies on the main street (59 and 40 years old) and met a 13 year old to discuss his shopping habits.


Short descriptions before every interview will guide you through the podcast.

Voices of Radio Helsinki Radioactivists: Hannah, Nicolas, Maryna, Leonie


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