Magic winter


Innsbruck has a lot of magic, especially in winter. If you’re local, you may be used to it, but hear what a cheerful trio of foreigners has to say about it!

You’ll hear Michaela, who was born in Romania and has lived in London and Berlin, sharing her impressions on Innsbruck and its monuments. You’ll laugh with Naim, who was raised in Turkey, and has discovered the Christmas and Krampus traditions for the first time.

Along with Júlia from Spain, you’ll get to know more about Green Steps, the Portuguese project that was awarded the Kaiser Maximilian Prize 2023 this 15th of November  in Innsbruck. The interviewee, Ani Sparsiashvilli, has a nice wish for 2024: „Let’s be less consumerism and more present for each other.“ Our time is the best Christmas gift.


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