The amazing NICK FRATER joins the Endless Summer radio show on Freirad!

25.12.2021 The Endless Summer radio show on Freirad needed a little break in October 2021 but we came back back back baby! On Tuesday the 23rd, music fans from all over tuned in for an all new live show with our friend Nick Frater Music!!!! Nick has a brand new album out, „Earworms“ (love that title) on Big Stir Records and we heard as much of it as humanly possible and learned about it´s making during the show. As if Nick himself isn´t awesome enough, he´s roped in guests from Baby Lemonade, freakin´Jellyfish and Wondermints for an album he says is like „The Carpenters meet The Flaming Lips, with a dose of Beach Boys for good measure“. Now THAT is DJ Mark David´s idea of a good time! If that all sounds good to you (and I mean, how could it not?), make sure to listen to the archive right here! Enjoy!

The Endless Summer

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