Talking Europe #07/2021


Welcome back to the June edition of the Talking Europe show, a first one where more than three hosts are gathered in the studio. This time the show is hosted by Foteini from Greece, Linda from Italy and Pawel from Poland.

Although, yet again, we didn’t plan the topics thoroughly, we managed to touch upon a couple of important and up-to-date subjects.

As June is the Pride Month, we discuss the importance of celebrating it and try to answer the question what pride means and why the concept is often misunderstood. That leads us to thoughts on how hard it is to accept that each person is a unique, individual being and what does it mean to be normal, if it’s still possible to define it.

Other subjects include obligatory military service, the importance of competing between nations as shown by popular events such as the Eurovision Song Contest or the European Football Championship; and our recent achievements as volunteers since the reopening of many institutions.

As always, all of that is brought to you from the perspective of three European volunteers from three different countries and cultural backgrounds, accompanied by a handpicked selection of music.


We hope you enjoy what you hear.


Talking Europe

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