Talking Europe #02/2021


As usual, the second week of the month begins with a fresh, new Talking Europe show; what this particular week ends with, however, is St. Valentine’s day and we could not just let it slip away unnoticed.
This episode, for the first time hosted by Foteini from Greece, accompanied by Aleksandra from Poland and Ilaria from Italy over the Internet and Pawel from Poland in studio; is all about love, relationships and many ways in which to make this day special.
Among the many topics discussed you will find:
– Most notable dating stories;
– romantic comedies: do we like them and why are they so popular;
– rom-com-like moments and whether they happen during real dates;
– The greatest dating failures of all time;
– a fun game for all of you language and culture lovers;
– the worst pick up lines and cheesiest love songs are thrown into the mix. Some of those will definitely sound familiar, while we recognize the others for you so that you don’t have to.

Stay tuned for the next Talking Europe show coming, as always, on the second Monday of the month at 2 PM on Freirad.


Talking Europe

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