Šum journal and „Models of Extinction“


„Extinction is nowhere and everywhere at the same time, as it becomes a part of our doomcore era. Extinction is real, even if it needs to make itself happen. Some cognitive infrastructures don’t have the capacity to price extinction in their models, while others empty its meaning by making it yet another political concept.“ – Maks Valenčič, Editorial, ŠUM#19.

On 23 March, Forum Stadtpark hosted the editors of the Ljubljana-based journal Šum, which has been providing a platform for contemporary art and theory fiction for 10 years.

„Models of Extinction“ is the latest issue of Šum. Tjaša Pogačar, Andrej Škufca and Maks Valenčič (editors)  talk about the motivation for this project, the specific orientations it has developed over the last few years, the ways of working in the field of contemporary art.

Website: www.sum.si
Event at Forum Stadtpark: https://forumstadtpark.at/de/programm/tjasa-pogacar




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