Snapshots from Sprachenfest #2


Celebrating the rich cultures of languages in Europe and beyond. Today we present our visit at the Sprachenfest 2021 which took place at the 24th of September in Graz.

We talked to organisations involved in language education, promoting culture, competences and political empowerment of refugees, migrants or ex-pads.

The Sprachenfest is organised by the Sprachennetzwerk Graz and we have been invited to highlight the importance of living cultures and languages. This year the 20th anniversary of the European Day of Languages was celebrated.

But now let’s jump into the festival. Peninah and Saif took the microphones and went through the location talking to the different organisations.

Listen to the first of two shows from the Sprachenfest Graz.

On part two we talk Department of Integration, City of Graz; City Library of Graz; Verein Sozialprofil with the Project „Panthersie für Europa“, Società Dante Alighieri, Institut Culturel Franco-Autrichien; Europe Direct Styria and European Centre for Modern Languages of the Council of Europe

Listen to Part One


Snapshots From The Borders

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