Agroforestry in Samburu – Part 1


Peninah went to Samburu County in Kenya to implement her agro-forestry project, supported by her family and the villagers, to empower the community and provide a more resourceful source of food.

Throughout our journey with Peninah we get to know deeper knowledge about life in her village, she illustrates it for us, „here is maasai manyata, here forest, mountain, in this direction kids are going to school, here we planted tomatoes,…“. So now we imagine what her village looks like, so we can as well here it`s sounds through recordings from people singing prayers for the rain to come, for her agroforestry project to be successful and many more.

Recorded at Samburu by Peninah and at Radio Helsinki, Graz.

Peninah in conversation Gea and Walt.

Editing: Gea

Photo credits: Walther Moser


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