“See you on the streets” – creative provocative actions during Corona-crisis in Slovenia


Gea Gračner, intern at Radio Helsinki, talks with Jaša Jenull, theater director, co-founder of KUD LJUD (http://playthecity.org/#playthecitymain) and Third Hand Group (https://www.facebook.com/thirdhandgroup/), an international collective of artists dedicated to creating amazing events, shocking situations and playful performances in the public spaces. In times of quarantine Jaša intervened to the streets of Ljubljana with creative, humorous and provoking actions expressing critique of current government and political situation in Slovenia. Street theater is his weapon and by making videos of his public space interventions he reaches many people to start questioning current political situation. In one of his actions Jaša was playing mini golf in front of the parliament as one of very few sports government allowed during pandemic. In last weeks more than 3500 people were at “cycling recreation” – protesting while cycling with protest signs around the parliament.


 Fotocredit: Jaša Jenull


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