Rumble Radioshow 19.02.2024


MOURNING AFTER – Quit Bazaar (Rogue 7″)

TH‘ LOSIN STREAKS – Shiver And Shake (Slovenly LP)

POISON BOYS – Fluctuation (Tropically Hot LP)

BART AND THE BRATS – The First Man (Juvenile Delinquent/Take The City 7″)

GUY HAMPER TRIO – Man In The Mouth Of A Cave (Damaged Goods 7″)

DIABLOGATO – Balsphemy (State Line Records/Rum Bar LP)

WHISTLE BAIT – Bad Boy (Goofin‘ 7″)

HI-FLY RANGERS – I Can’t See Clear (Goofin‘ 7″)

WYLDE TRYFLES – Gonna Be A Change (Soundflat LP)

JUKEEZ – Heroes (Chaputa! 7″)

BROOMS – Vampira (Chaputa! LP)

GRAVEYARD OF THE PACIFIC – Crawl, Worm, Crawl (Alien Snatch LP)

MOCKS – Do You Want Me Tooö (Wap Shoo Wap LP)

GALILEO 7 – Can’t Go Home (Damaged Goods LP)

MIKE BELL CARTEL – Like No Other (Rogue 7″)

BASEMENTS – Sounds Of Yesterday (Lost In Tyme LP)

SATELLITERS – Last Day On Earth (Soundflat LP)

ARMCHAIR ORACLES – Addicted To The Ride (Kool Kat CD)



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