Rumble Radioshow 08.04.2024


WOGGLES – Hole In My Heart (Wicked Cool Digital)

CLIQUE – Hangin‘ Around Your Door (Detour 3LP Box)

LOW SPIRITS – You Lied (Outro 7″)

KÜKEN – The Problem Is You (Alien Snatch LP)

NO WAYNE – That’s Alright (No Wayne Digital)

COURETTES – Shake! (Damaged Goods 7″)

SMOGGERS – Time To Dream (Soundflat LP)

BROOMS – Emotional (Chaputa! LP)

LES KITCHENETTE’S – Breuvage Del Amor (Soundflat 7″)

SPACKLES – Man With The X-Ray Eyes (Rum Bar Digital)

CAVEMEN – Satan II (Slovenly LP)

CELIBATE RIFLES – Sometimes (Area Pirata LP)

LOONS – Daffodils Or Despair (Rogue 7″)

SCHIZOPHONICS – The Train (Sympathy For The Record Industry LP)

REVEREND BEAT-MAN & THE UN-BELIEVERS – Come Back Lord (Voodoo Rhythm LP)

JUSSEL – Back In The Race (Heavy Rhythm & Roll Digital)

HIGH TINY HAIRS – Only Lonely (Chaputa! 7″)

DAVE COPE AND THE SASS – Next To Nothing (Kool Kat CD)

WYLD GOOMS – Thinkin‘ Bout You (Calico Wally 7″)



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