Resonant fabrics: sonic sensations and socialization


Guest of this episode of FEMPOEM is sociologist, sound expert and writer Marvin Alexander Heine. He just recently finished his unpublished book „resonant fabrics: listening to the reciprocal relationships between aural architectures, sonic sensations and processes of socialization“.

In the first part he reads the subchapter „Sonic Assemblages and the City“- after that he is in dialog with Romina Achatz- about our often forgotten sense of acoustic perception, of listening, of sound.

We constantly produce sound and our physical reality is deeply affected by sound in the present moment. How can we cultivate or train the skill of acoustic perception? Marvin explains the term „Palimset: The Contemporary city’s Intersecting Sonic Layers“, talks about natural soundscapes, the phenomenology of the senses, the institutionalisation of senses in organizational cultures, of the role of sounds for our mental health, about bird songs in Spaceships ecc. Furthermore, he reads a chapter about silence during the Lockdowns in times of Covid 19- and talks about silencing as a political strategy. Can silence be a medicine and poison at the same time? Is there a way out of the hegemony of vision



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