RadioMuse Broadcast #15


hosted by Orange 94.0

All about beats, rhymes and messages! Our 15th Broadcast of RadioMuse is coming from Vienna and Orange 94.0 is introducing you to underground HipHop from Austria. You will notice, that it is hard to be not political in a genre that is deeply rooted in empowerment and fights against injustice. We will present you fresh tunes from Average, Deejayinternet, EsRAP, EsRAP und Gasmac Gilmore, Heinrich Himalaya, Kid Pex, Monobrother, Samira Dezaki, Snessia, Da Staummtisch, Yasmo & die Klangkantine and Zion Flex. And also check out some of the HipHop centered labels here like Honigdachs, Tonträger Records and Beatzarilla.
Average, Esra Özmen from EsRAP, Heinrich Himalaya, Kid Pex, Samira Dezaki and Snessia will also talk with us about their views on Rap, HipHop in general and the scene(s) in Austria.

Our first focus is on the lable Honigdachs, which translates as honey badger. Honigdachs is existing since 2012 and it originated in the gathering of two different crews – of Wienzeile and of people around Monobrother – the connected and founded the lable. The label got acts from Graz (Styria), from Lower Austria, Upper Austria and from Vienna. They are focusing on Rap in Austrian Dialect and on Dialect Punk. All their acts have quite a punky attitude, they provide the hits for the future Viennese „Beisl“ and kick out Schlager like Andreas Gabalier. Honigdachs is driven by the strong collective work, the label is artist based and one of their specialties beside music are their unique and funny Videos. We will play music by their artists Monobrother and Heinrich Himalaya. Monobrother is lyrical and political raper, he is a close observer of his soundings and raps about that with wit and cutting irony. Heinrich Himalaya is a unique artistic figuer, descendant of the last emperor, rapping down from his alpine residence. Besides music and graffiti he is hosting the popular Late Night-HipHop-Literature Show „Rapper lesen Rapper“ (rappers reading rappers).

With Samira Dezaki and Zion Flex we present you to some very strong headed and outspoken women. Samira Dezaki is 18 years, rapping since she was 11, this is clearly audible, she is one of the most skilled MCs in Austria. Zion Flex is a singer, songwriter and rapper originating from Bristol (UK) and living in Vienna since some years now. She is doing HipHop, Triphop and bass heavy music since a very long time and is also involved in the feminist HipHop collective/event „Femme DMC“.

Tonträger Records (TTR) from Linz is one of the HipHop pioneer labels in Austria. It was founded by the HipHop group Texta in 1998 and it is the longest running HipHop label in Austria. The people around TTR are the core of the beginning of a HipHop scene in Linz and in all of Austria, making it also fashionabel to rap in Austrian dialect. We selected new releases from Average and from Da Staummtisch for the show. Storytelling is in the center of Averages HipHop approach, he is rooted in classical boombap but also strongly influenced by french rap. Da Staummtisch is a group of four existing since 2004, consisting of the MCs Antrue, Freistil and Rolee Solo as well as DJ Concept. They rap in Upper Austrian dialect.

Our next artists are all connected through the event series „Gürtel Squad“ a night for HipHop, rap & street culture where all kinds of cultural heritage and styles are welcome. Snessia is a greatly appreciated regular performer at the Gürtel Squad nights. Kid Pex and EsRAP, founded Gürtel Squad, they are also some of the main figures of Tschuschenrap in Austria, with „Tschusch“ being originally a pejorative term for a Slav southern European or oriental they use the term in an empowering sense.
Kid Pex is a Croatian rooted Austrian rapper who started out in 2009 with his album „Gastarbeiterlife“ about migrant workers life in Austria. He is one of the central characters of a radical left wing, antifascist rap scene and was a regular at the rallies against the rightwing government. Picking up internationally observed beefs with super-conservative stars like Schlager-singer Andreas Gabalier. One rapper with a tough style but a big heart, being constantly there for the upcoming youngsters and also bringing people back on stage, who have been away for a while.
Snessia is a very strong female, feminist and fresh voice in the Austrian rap scene. She is based in Linz, raps in german (and english) and just released her debut Mixtape „Wortverbrechen“ on Beatzarilla“ in November 2019.
EsRap are a very special HipHop Duo, the siblings Enes and Esra Özmen are subverting genre borders and stereotypes. Esra is raping and Enes is singing, they are doing this together since about 10 years, but first now brought out their Debut Album „Tschuschistan“ on Springstoff in 2019. They employ german and turkish language, sing about women’s equality, about the struggles of being strangers in the own country and about standing up against injustice. Esra is an impressive rapper and Enes is bringing the moods with his arabesque melody-lines. EsRap is a very special act to me, because they are finding the precise words and moods for our heated-up times in Austria, Europe and in the World. When they play together with the rock band Gasmac Gilmore they are combining rap, turkish arabesques melodies with metal and klezmer to highly danceable songs.

Last but not least we present Yasmo und die Klangkantine. Yasmo is originating from the vivid slam poetry scene in Vienna. She is one of the queens of words and preaches equality and feminism in a super charming and danceable fashion. Live shows of Yasmo und die Klangkantine are highly impressive paring thight rap and eloquence with a eight-headed Jazz big band.



Orange 94.0 (, Vienna, Austria

Prepared, announced, engineered and mixed by Rosa Danner




Deejayinternet – Piff Paff (INTERNET01, Honigdachs, 2019) Monobrother – Schu-Schu Kolibri (Solodarität LP/CD, Honigdachs, 2019) Heinrich Himalaya – Monat Minus (s/t Single, Honigdachs, 2019) Samira Dezaki – Stay In School Kids! (self released, 2019) Zion Flex – Slayed (Queen of Herz EP, self released, 2018) Average – 1 Uhr 30 (Pont EP, Tonträger Records, 2019) Da Staummtisch – DFN (s/t, Single, Tonträger Records, 2019) Kid Pex feat. Lev Bro – 12 Stunden Tag (unreleased, 2019) Snessia – Don’t Care (Wortverbrechen, Beatzarilla, 2019) EsRAP – Kabadayi (Die Tage werden besser) (Tschuschistan CD, Springstoff, 2019) EsRAP & Gasmac Gilmore – Freunde Dabei (s/t EP, Springstoff, 2019) Yasmo & die Klangkantine – Komm Her (Prekariat und Karat LP/CD, ink music, 2019)







EsRAP und Gasmac Gilmore

Heinrich Himalaya

Kid Pex


Samira Dezaki


Da Staummtisch

Yasmo und die Klangkantine

Zion Flex





Tonträger Records

Springstoff (DE)

Ink Music




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