Radio Grille – Musiksalon 06/2014 – laundry songs | stop Whitewashing | kings, queers & pirates


Musiksalon/ Müzik Salonu/ Music Parlour

Der Musiksalon von Radio Grille ★ pop_queer_multilingua_poesia ★

Musiksalon Helga klingt wie ‚Schlager und Stricken‘ sagt Gegi, die diesmal nicht dabei ist.
… sounds like ‚Hits and Knitting‘ says Gegi who can’t join this time.

1 Stunde Musik rund um Themen der Sendungen von Radio Grille: music related to topics of our radio shows:

★ waschen, laundry, waschsalon, teilen, mixen, kategorien, gender, colors, stop whitewashing, filme, genderqueer youth, pirates, revolution ★★★


the cliks | dirty king
spencer garfield | the laundry song | parody of „edge of glory“ by lady gaga
luise pop – the rain
kevin blechdom | goosey juice & some kylie minogue |
harold melvin & the blue notes featuring teddy pendergrass | if you don’t know me by now
lauryn hill – can’t take my eyes off you
grace jones | la vie en rose
rae spoon – I will be your wall
santigold | pirate in the water
laurie anderson | blue lagoon
jd samson and men | let them out or let me in


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