Podcast for future – on tour!


The very motivated 11 participants between 16 and 31 year old are dealing with recording technology, interviewing, podcast forms and climate and energy topics and have already produced their recordings during day 1 and day 2. On 3rd day of their workshop weekend Gea (facilitatior), Simon (JUMP) and Theresa (participant) decided to jump in the studio and try it out live on air.


Project „Podcast for future: on tour!“ is about creating podcast episodes together with other young people from all over Austria, which will be broadcast on the radio.

Taking part in the “Podcast for future: on tour!” project, participants become part of a group of young people who, with the support of professional radio trainers and climate and energy experts, produce podcast episodes on a wide variety of climate and energy topics.

Podcast for future was on tour in Graz as collaboration of Radio Orange Vienna, Radio Helsinki and Jugend-Umwelt-Plattform (JUMP).


Radio Helsinki Probebühne

Zur Sendereihe Station

Radio Helsinki

Zur Station
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