Pandemic Prevention Programme 


Eine Eigenproduktion der Radio Helsinki Kulturredaktion
Ein Hörspiel, entstanden im Zuge des Projekts Radio Hotel Europa zu vermieten! 

An audio play, developed throughout the project To Let: Radio Hotel Europa! 

„Pandemic Prevention Programme“ is an adaptation of Rhiannon Owens 2020 audio play production „Safety First“. The story is set in a not so far away future. The protagonist wakes up in their own home, but everything has changed overnight. Throughout the play, she is only able to communicate with an automated voice coming from a digital interface that has been installed into her home without her knowledge.

Creative Team:

Voice Actors: Gea Gracner, Léa Gendrillon and Antonia Pock

Production: Gea Gracner and Léa Gendrillon

This project was made available through friendly support by Museumsbund Österreich.



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