Now its dark jan. plus set 2

02.02.2023 CAROL JIANI“Vanity“(12″/Long Version/1985/Record Shack) DIVINE“I´m So Beautiful“(12″/Mixed By Barry Evangen/1984/Proto) LAURA PALLAS“Emergency!“(12″/Long Vocal Version/1984/Racord Shack) GAZ“The Force“(LP/Mixed By Richie Rivera/1978/SalSoul) CORRUPTION“Show Me Yours“(Glen Rivera Video Mix) ROMANTHONY“Now You Want Me“(2xEP/Orig. Dub/1993/Azuli) LNTG(Late Night Tuff Guy)“I´m Goin Outa My Head“ SOLAR“Ghosts“(EP/“Cutting Your Head Off“/Remute Remix/2003/Forte) EGYPTAIN EMPIRE“The Moon Track“(Toxic 2/1992/Remix -8) SILVER CONVENTION“Everybody´s Talking Bout Love“(7″/1976/Jupiter) L.A.S.´s CRIME“Merrygoround“(LP/“Mesmerique“/20015/Domestica) MILK&SUGAR VS JOHN PAUL YOUNG“Love Is In The Air“(12″/Vocal In The Air Mix/2001) QUEEN“Another One Bites The Dust“(LNTG Edit)

Now it’s dark

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