Now Its Dark Feb. III electric tabou II

21.02.2024 BLOOD FOR EVE“Dead Angel Love“(LP/VA/“Lucky To Be Alive“/2006) FERDINAND CARCLASH“No Te Det Engas“ ONE TWO THREE“Another Knife In My Back“(LP/1983/Prelude) NOTHING TO FEAR“Too Blind“(LP/VA/“Lucky To Be Alive“/2006) GROTTO TERRATTA“Zitronenmelodie“(LP/“Kalte Köstlichkeiten“/2022/CutSurface) SIOUXIE&THE BANSHEES“Fall From Grace“(LP/“Rapture“/1995) „Time Has Come“(12″/VA/Side B/Streetalk) VORKRIEGSJUGEND“Brot Und Spiele“(2xLP/VA/“Berlin Punk Rock“/1977 – 1989) CHAKA KHAN“I Feel For You“(EP/VA/“Credit To The Edit Vol.2″/Turntabe Edit) THE NEON JUDGETMENT“Build A House“(LP/“The Insult“/1990) GRACE JONES“She´s Lost Control“(12″/Long Version/1980) KIETHEVEZ“Lovesong“(LP/VA/“Fictional Tribute To The Cure“/1995) OHAMA“The Drum“(2xLP/VA/“The Minimal Wave Tapes Vol.2″/StonesThrow) JOHN FOXX AND THE MATHS ft. GARY NUMAN“Talk(Are You Listening To Me)“ HERMAN BROOD AND HIS WILD ROMANCE“Old Memories“(7″/1980)

Now it’s dark

Zur Sendereihe Station

Orange 94.0

Zur Station
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