Natalia-Rozalia Avlona and her researches, projects and corona situation in Greece


Natalia-Rozalia Avlona is a lawyer and researcher working as a research assistant for the TARGET project at ELIAMEP (Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy) in Athens. Natalia-Rozalia has an international experience working in several organisations and European Research Programmes in UK, Belgium and Greece. Her expertise is on digital commons and the ways that technology, law and gender intersect in this area. Furthermore she has run a series of workshops on Wikipedia for the Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAM) sector, co-organised feminist workshops on FOSS at, techno-feminist festivals and many more.

Gea Gračner is talking with Natalia-Rozalia about her projects, researches and in general about situation during corona-crisis in Greece.

Photo: Natalia-Rozalia Avlona


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