Medicine: Covid-19 in the year 2022


Covid-19 was less severe and less deadly compared with 2020 and 2021. Covid-19 became less of a disruption in our lives, and permanently altered how and where we work. Covid-19 misinformation continued, particularly around vaccines. There was evidence of pandemic fallout, including increased rates of mental illness and educational shortfalls. Many experts agree that China’s relaxing of the Chinese “Zero COVID” policy will lead to changes. These could be substantial. Will public health departments be able to keep their staff in the near future? Unfortunately, it does not look like it at the moment.
Finally: The excess death data from Europe can be found at EuroMOMO, a website that is available for everybody free of charge. What do the data say:
Week 01, almost 78 thousand deaths.
Week 52, almost 75 thousand deaths.
Compared with:
2022, with Covid-19:
Week 01, 85 thousand deaths.
Week 52, almost 101 thousand deaths.
There is a visible rise in total deaths.


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