Kick out the Jelly – DAVID BIERMAN of JUNK MONKEYS fame joins the Endless Summer show!


EVERYBODY knows about Detroit rock. The MC5, the Stooges, the Amboy Dukes, the Alice Cooper Group, Frost, the White Stripes, so many more. Not forgetting later heroes like the Mutants, the Trash Brats or the Dirt Bombs. The town where high energy rock music was so righteously defined.

Back in the 90s the JUNK MONKEYS flew the flag for Detroit when not so many others did. These guys did their forefathers pround and DAVID BIERMAN, their leader, is still out there making his testimonial with his band THE DAVID BIERMAN OVERDRIVE.

Tune into this look back at David´s story and his great rock and roll.


The Endless Summer

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