Interview with Will Rattray from Saturns Drive, music from New Zealand and Australia


Welcome back to Antipodean Sounds, on Radio Helsinki in Graz! Today, we have a special guest who I recently interviewed on Zoom, all the way from the vibrant music scene of Berlin. Hailing originally from the picturesque landscapes of Wellington, New Zealand, our guest is a true maestro of sonic exploration and creativity.

Will Rattray is the lead songwriter and guitarist for acclaimed bands like Thought Creature and Full Moon Fiasco.

Will has left an indelible mark on the New Zealand music scene.

A few years ago he ventured beyond the shores of Aotearoa, Will co-founded Fantasy Fiction Records, in the heart of Berlin. 

And now under the moniker Saturns Drive, Will immerses audiences in a cosmic journey, drawing inspiration from sci-fi landscapes, exotica, and the pulsating beats of Italo grooves. 




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