I as a wo/man in Egypt in 2020


I as a wo/man in Egypt in 2020

Ein Radioworkshop in Cairo

In the heart of Cairo, the city that never sleeps, there was a 3 day radio workshop with the title „I as a wo/man in Egypt in 2020“. It took place in cooperation with the Austrian Cultural Forum in Garden City, where the Austrian broadcaster Carolin Vonbank guided the participants through the radio experience and therefore, the show „Auf Ägyptisch“ was created.

For many years, life in Egypt was a contradiction, and a mix of everything: urbanism and rurality, multiculturalism and authenticity, chaos and simplicity. Everyone can find himself/herself in Egypt, where there is something for everyone. In the midst of all, we find challenges, missing pieces, and new hopes everyday. That is why the main topic of the workshop was „Life in Egypt as wo/man in 2020“ where everyone has a say, everyone has his own piece of reality, and a different view to life in Egypt.

Text by: Yasmin Korayem

Sendungsgestaltung und Foto: Carolin Vonbank

In Kooperation mit dem Österreichische Kulturforum Kairo

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Sondersendungen auf FREIRAD – Freies Radio Innsbruck

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