Guest: Chris Pitsiokos (Saxofon)


Recording from 28.3.2022 in Leechkirche Graz.

About Chris Work

„I make sounds with an alto saxophone and many other instruments, sometimes by myself, and sometimes with others. Currently I lead a somewhat nomadic existence, but my two home bases are New York City and Berlin. I could say that I work fluidly between composition and improvisation but that would lend these spurious concepts undue importance. I work using the tools available to me—my instruments, pen and paper, computers, verbal communication, body language, community, social dynamics, considerations of human psychology, considerations of acoustics and aesthetics of spaces, food, alcohol, drugs, hugs, history, etc.—to make something happen either alone or with others. I’m not being ironic: I deeply believe that the nature of the relationships between the people collaborating, the space it occurs in, etc., has as great an impact or more of an impact on the resulting art than notes written down on a score. I try to take all parameters into account, and confront my work holistically, carefully considering as many aspects of what goes into the creation as possible. Maybe this is post-composition/post-improvisation. But, once again, even using these terms gives them undue importance—these terms were imposters in the first place, and talking about them as distinct entities, or even antipodes that we can move between distracts from the point of making music. Both terms focus on only one facet of a multi-faceted process.“



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Radio Helsinki

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Thema:Musik Live Radiomacher_in:Georg Wissa
Sprache: Deutsch

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