Graz, do you buy second hand?


Dear second hand lovers, fans of vintage, 80s, 90s, xy-ish. Dear all who are into antique furniture, to the ones who donate clothes, care deeply about the consequences of the fast fashion. And dear all who are on the way to become one. Maybe a step further in the awareness after listening to today’s – March edition of Unpolluted on Air by Radioactivists of Radio Helsinki Graz. A debate, 2 interviews and several voices of the Jakominiplatz in Graz being asked – Do you wear anything second hand now? And you, do you?

Interview partners: Valerie Quade (Repair Café Graz), Susanne Hauptmann (Vinci Shop Graz), Diana Ranegger (Dogdays of Summer), Tamara Puff (Caritas Steiermark)

Voices: Nicolas, Leila, Maryna, Padcha, Gea

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Unpolluted On Air

Zur Sendereihe Station

Radio Helsinki

Zur Station
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