3. Dead Air with a Viennese Orange Twist


An auditory vaccine, musical mask and corona bashing cocktail of drugs this month.

Leanne checks in with a sensational and exclusive ASMR audio from her much talked about autobiography. The Parisian Listener shares his boundary pushing avantgarde Corona Cooking recipe Escart-a-go-go, while Publicist Stevie Catagher lets us know even more about what goes on behind the scenes in the shady world of Catfluencing. If that’s not enough for you, Agony Aunt Dr Lulu gives sage advice to Zelda, a love tangled Viennese muse and aspiring artist, and we also get A portrait of Joe Bates by none other than Joe Bates, an established comic in London new to the scene in Vienna. So much celebrity content on one show is how you know Dead Air is here for you and always will be. Dead Air forever.


Dead Air

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