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The pianist Randy Weston is a ‚militant‘ artist who has come to Vienna to stand up for the identity of the ‚black‘ part of the world’s population and who, in the course of his long career, has developed into an important representative of Afro-American self-confidence.Experience and curiosity, knowledge and spontaneity combine in him to form a musical ideal that has not only experienced the roots of jazz through greats such as Max Roach, Art Blakey or Dizzy Gillespie, but has also studied and researched them directly in Africa. His own pieces and interpretations of the ‚(Afro)-American Songbook‘ dig at the origin of the music, linking rhythm and melody to an inseparable unity. He commands the black and white keys like a king, his imposing size underlines his artistic statements. Despite the depth and intensity, the music seems to flow effortlessly from his fingers and grabs the heart, mind and soul of the listener.

This time he proves this in a trio, striking in his jazz classical line-up is the replacement of the drums by ‚African Percussion‘, which underlines the otherwise unknown percussive orientation and weighting of his music. The club experience of this ‚giant‘ in a congenial trio with Alex Blake and Neil Clarke should not be missed by any jazz lover.

Line up:
Randy Weston – piano
Alex Blake – bass
Neil Clarke – perc – – – Source:


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