freshVibes Special Wienwoche: Sharing decolonial strategies of Vienna Human Zoo 1896 – Legacies of the Healing


The podium discussion led by Araba Evelyn Johnston-Arthur and Topoke will focus on the Ritual – Procession – Performance VHZ 1896 – Legacies of the Healing in connection with the artistic work, research and practice that have unfolded in the preparation of this project hosted at WIENWOCHE 2023. They will also share their practice as artists and researchers around the thematic of Austria’s colonial past and the human Zoos.


Araba Evelyn Johnston-Arthur, human rights activist, social scientist, curator and actor

Patrick Bongola (Topoke), human rights activist, social critic, musician, artist, filmmaker and actor

Moderator: Denise Palmieri, Co-curator, WIENWOCHE



Zur Sendereihe Station

Orange 94.0

Zur Station
Thema:Vergangenheitspolitik Radiomacher_in:Simon Inou
Sprache: Englisch