5. Dead Air with a Viennese Orange Twist


February is the month of Dead Air. February is the month of Love. Dead Air is Love.

Prepare to be swooned with poetry, knocked-out with numbers and caressed by cats on this month’s Valentine’s special. Celebrity hairdresser Leanne demonstrates her endless talents with a meditation on numerology and Seamy Keats the Urban Poet returns with diasporic meditations on Donegal, Guinness and Crisps. We hear a progress update from Joe Bates the aspiring UK comic now resident in Vienna (and recently recruited through Dead Air’s Talent Promotion Scheme). And if that’s not enough audio gold, Agony Aunt Dr Lulu shares her wealth of wisdom with an elite artisan of experimental sourdough, while Catfluencer Stevie Catager tells us more about his navigation through the dirty underworld of catfluencing and catsploitation.


‘It’s f**ckin’ great, so it is!’  Mick McPaddy, West Belfast News 

‘Remarkable listening – like David Lynch on beta blockers.’ Al Symmers, The Pensioners’ Pamphlet 


Dead Air

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