18. Dead Air with a Viennese Orange Twist


Everything changes so that everything remains the same. Birth and new life, love not war, and days of the week on this month’s special dead air special, pre-recorded from Charlie’s primitive apartment during his self-inflicted Papamonat and broadcast live on Radio Orange.

Listen Live Love.

superstar contributors

– Comic Joe Breathless Bates

– Hairdresser Leanne

– Poet Seamy Keats

– Agony Aunt Dr Lulu

– Catfluencer Stevie Catagher


Out of control – Chemical Brothers

I will get along without you – the Melodians

Putting out fire – Cat People

Friday I’m in love – The Cure

Sweet Jane – The Velvet Underground

Istanbul not Constantinople – The Four Lads

Como Me Duele – Valentin Elizalde

Lovin‘ is really my game – Brainstorm


A departure – The Aviation Gazette

An arrival – The Aviation Times.







Dead Air

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