13. Dead Air with A Viennese Orange Twist


Ghosts and Ghosting. A missing kidney. A Haikuuuuu. Stoner rock.

Pour yourself a stiff one or have a gulp of Rose with this spooky Dead Air Halloween special.

superstar contributors

– Horrifying Hairdresser Leanne

– Special K Keats

– Joe gives me the Jeepers Bates

– Agony Aunt Dr Loony Lulu

– Crazy Catfluencer Catagher


Ageispolis – Aphex Twin

Why can’t we be friends? – War

Over at the Frankenstein Place – Rocky Picture Horror Show

Libertine – Mylene Farmer

I Wanna be your Dog – The Stooges

Blade Runner – The Vangelis


“I like Dead Air and I also like staring at the sea – do I have to choose between the two?”  David Byrne 

“I like Dead Air and I also like whisky, speed and heroin – do I have to choose between the two?”  Shane McGowan



Dead Air

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